Transitional Housing Programs

Our Objective

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To increase access/availability for individuals in need of transitional housing placement for no more than six months.

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To secure and place identified individuals into safe and appropriate permanent housing.

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To assess and prepare eligible individuals with the skills/knowledge to secure vocational/employment opportunity for ultimate self-sufficiency.

Since the fall of 2011, the Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs (NAICA) has operated the Park Avenue Transitional Housing Facility in the Melrose/East Concourse section of the Bronx. Our Transitional Housing Programs sites operate single adult male and female facilities providing high-quality social and residential services to homeless men and women referred by the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS). Since we have opened, we have successfully helped hundreds of homeless men and women secure meaningful employment and sustainable housing, and many have achieved family reunification.

In 2014, NAICA launched the Transitional Housing Programs (THP), our next-level initiative that helps homeless men and women achieve permanent employment, safe and appropriate permanent housing, as well as family reunification, and prepare eligible individuals with the skills, knowledge to secure vocational/employment opportunity for ultimate self-sufficiency. Presently, NAICA operates five (5) sites: Four in the Bronx; Park Ave THP, East Tremont Mental Health THP, and our women sites, Courtlandt Ave and Casa de Cariño, and DeKalb Ave THP in Brooklyn. We also operate annexes Transitional Housing Programs which are; Chrystie St. Annex, in lower Manhattan, Exterior St. Annex, in the Bronx, and the Ibis Annex, in Queens.